SEMA’s Chevy Malibu Red Line Might be Headed for Production

2016 Chevy Malibu
2016 Chevrolet Malibu

At the most recent SEMA show, General Motors introduced their Malibu Red Line Concept: an all-new Malibu that was mostly silver, with a handful of black accents, and, of course, a few signature Red Line touches.

But now, according to Edmunds, it seems as if Chevrolet might be taking the Malibu Red Line vehicle into production, offering this slick, carefully colored car to the masses, in addition to the Camaro, Silverado, Spark and Trax, in Red Line form.

We don’t know officially if the Chevrolet Malibu Red Line is going into production, but in an interview, Malibu Chief Engineer Jesse Ortega said, “Chevy is taking a look at creating a Red Line series that goes across different models.”

What do you think of the Chevy Malibu Red Line? You can check out some images here, at LeftLane. And while you’re waiting to learn more about the potential new Malibu model, visit us at Joe Holland Chevrolet to check out the stellar line-up we have available!

Do You Have These Winter Emergency Items Ready in Your Car?

Winter Car Care

As the winter weather begins to pick up, it becomes more important than ever to make sure you have a well-stocked, seasonal emergency kit stowed away in your vehicle, just in case. To get you started, here is a list of winter emergency items to keep in your car:

  • A standard, pre-assembled first aid kit, which should include bandages and anti-biotic ointment
  • Fresh, clean water for hydration or to flush out any wounds
  • A blanket, as well as extra winter clothing, to stay warm
  • Healthy, non-perishable snacks, appropriate for all ages
  • An extra cell phone charger, cell phone battery – or maybe even an extra cell phone – in addition to a written list of phone numbers
  • A flash light with spare batteries
  • Any emergency medication that you or your frequent passengers could possibly need

And of course, the best way to prepare for winter roads is to drive a winter-ready vehicle. To check out what we have available, visit us anytime at Joe Holland Chevrolet.