Four Tips for Adopting a Pet For the First Time

23482051512_bc3ba4abcf_zAdopting a pet can be a wonderful experience for families or individuals. However, if it’s your first time bringing home a dog, cat or another furry friend from the humane society, it can be a little daunting. How do you provide the best care for your new pet and make it an easy transition? Follow these four key tips for adopting a pet for the first time to make your experience the best one possible.


Be Prepared

Before you pick up your pup or kitty, make sure you’ve educated yourself on the basics. Read up on training methods, exercise routines and food options. Figure out what you think will be best for your new pet and make a shopping trip for the basics—food, bowls, a collar and leash and a bed.


Be Courteous

Animals are capable of experiencing stress just like we are, and your new pet will no doubt find the transition stressful. Keep this in mind for the first week or two. Give your dog or cat space and allow them to adjust. Avoid causing any extra excitement like guests, interaction with other animals, or travel.


Be Consistent

Start a routine with your new pet right away. Check with the shelter to see what kind of eating schedule your pet has been on, and if you intend to change it, do so gradually.


Be Flexible

Know that your can spend hours planning for the moment you bring your new furry friend home, but it probably won’t go as perfectly as planned. Your pet may not take to the food you’ve chosen for it, or may not want to lay in its bed right away. Make sure you are working with your pet, and not against it. Be patient and consistent, and your pet will learn to trust you and love you in no time.

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