Winter Maintenance Tips for Every Driver

Warm up your carAs we move into the cold season, we’d like to give drivers some winter maintenance tips for getting through the freezing cold temperatures without incident. Follow these tips to stay safe this winter season.


Inspect Your Battery

Cold temperatures can reduce the capacity of your car’s battery, which can cause your car to die and leave you stranded on the side of the road. Have your battery inspected going into winter, or just replace it altogether.


Replace Your Wiper Fluid

If you’re using all-season wiper fluid, it’s possible you’re at risk for a nasty surprise when it accidentally freezes on your windshield. Opt to replace your usual wiper fluid with a winter-grade kind.


Keep Your Tank Full

You never know when you’ll have an emergency on your hands, so don’t let your gas tank get too low in the colder months.


Check Your Tires

Cold temperatures cause tires to lose pressure faster. Plus, you should also make sure your treads are deep enough to brave slippery roads.


Pack an Emergency Kit

Emergencies happen, so make sure you have supplies like blankets, water, flashlights, and jumper cables on hand in case you end up stuck.


Follow these winter maintenance tips to get your car ready for hazardous weather conditions in the cold months!

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